International Child Campaign
A Catalyst for Change
Campaigning for children's rights,
welfare and education worldwide.

About us

Many charities and NGOs are started by an accidental encounter with poverty. Some go on to develop sound rights-based operations, while many simply act from a well-meaning, heart-felt sense of charity without respecting the rights and dignity of those they seek to help.

International Child Campaign was started by design. The founders and trustees saw a need that wasn't being effectively met by existing development organisations. The need is to enable children to have an independent voice.

The creation of International Child Campaign was based on decades of experience in international development.

The International Child Campaign founding team brings together a diverse and in-depth experience of the sector, strong policy and governance skills, a powerful expertise in campaigning and advocacy, operational excellence and representation from Asia, Europe and the Americas, who have all also worked in Africa.

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Strategic activities

Advocating for the adoption of, and compliance with, international and regional codes of human rights, in particular the rights of children.

Monitoring and reporting on the developments and abuses of human rights.

Facilitating debate and discussion among individuals, corporations and other organisations to promote active support for the rights of children.

Acquiring and passing on knowledge about human rights law, how it is developing, how it is being administered and applied, and how to campaign and advocate for positive change.

Carrying out research into human rights, in particular the rights of children, to add usefully to the store of human knowledge.

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