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Alternative Care Initiatives

Alternative Care Initiatives

Alternative Care Initiatives is a registered NGO in Uganda. Its main purpose is to support the Ugandan Government and other key stakeholders to promote and implement the Alternative Care Framework and increase the care, protection and placements for children separated, or at risk of separation, from their families and communities.

Its principal activities are:

Government Support

Supporting the government by advising on the Alternative Care strategy and in building capacity to deliver the Alternative Care Framework. Providing support and coordination services to the Alternative Care Unit of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD).

Civil Society Support

Supporting civil society organisations, NGOs and iNGOs in the planning, development and implementation of family preservation, resettlement and Alternative Care strategies.

Management Support

Supporting organisations committed to Alternative Care in capacity building their management structure, processes and operations to deliver quality and effective alternative care programmes.

Programme Development

Providing programme development advice to help organisations to develop, plan and implement Alternative are programmes to ensure that they are fully compliant with the Alternative Care Framework.


Lobbying government and donors to invest in family based solutions for children without parental care, in line with the continuum of care as outlined in the Alternative Care Framework – family preservation, resettlement, kinship care, foster care and lastly adoption.


Undertaking research into issues and the challenges relating to children in institutional care - the push and pull factors, the standards of care and the effects of institutionalisation on children (both as children and when they become adults).


Using various forms of media to highlight the dangers of institutionalisation of children and highlighting and promoting alternatives. We use various forms of media as an outlet of expression for children who have been without parental care - newsletters, social media, radio and video.

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