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Uganda Care Leavers

Uganda Care Leavers

Uganda Care Leavers (UCL) is a social welfare project designed to support children, youths and adults who have spent all or part of their childhood in institutional care (also known as residential facilities, child care facilities and orphanages). UCL is jointly supported by Alternative Care Initiatives (ACI), a Uganda NGO, and BULA, a 501c3 in the United States of America.

UCL activities

  • Creation of a network of Uganda care leavers that enables members to provide support to each other through shared experiences and mutual understanding; resulting in a community with a common identity. This is facilitated through social media and regional meetings.
  • Provision of practical advice for care leavers about common issues faced when leaving care, such as accessing personal records and connecting with other social support services.
  • Identification of care leaver champions and assisting them mobilise other care leavers.
  • Conducting research that enables care leavers to inform and influence government policy and donor attitudes through advocating for changes to the care system in Uganda.

UCL advocates for:

  • Donors that support institutional care in Uganda to inform themselves of the harm done by long-term residential care and to re-direct their existing support for children into reunification and social support programmes.
  • Managers of existing residential care facilities to inform the children in their care, and those who have recently left, of the support offered by UCL.
  • NGOs operating in Uganda to include awareness in their programmes and services of the unique problems faced by care leavers.
  • Government policy-makers to include recognition of society‚Äôs duty towards care leavers and include provision for them in service design, especially because of the increase in the numbers of care leavers as Uganda deinstitutionalises its child care system.

Donors who wish to support care leavers can contact UCL for information about the best way to do this. NGOs in Uganda who wish to provide regional support for care leavers can contact UCL for more information about what this entails.

Contact: or call +256 704 181 361      +44-1980-621801