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This campaign is a celebration of, and support for, the new rights-based Alternative Care Framework being built in Uganda. Uganda is in a near-anarchic, free-for-all childcare situation and is at the tipping point towards a structured, rights-based childcare system.

In partnership with the Ugandan government and with Alternative Care Initiatives, International Child Campaign is supporting and promoting Family Preservation, Resettlement and the Alternative Care Framework for Children without Parental Care in Uganda.

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An orphanage is no place for a child. The REPLACE Campaign advocates for the replacement of orphanages with strong social structures that prevent children being separated from their families. It supports the reunification of families where possible and where necessary, the provision of family-based alternative care.

The campaign calls on all individuals and organisations that support orphanages to instead support prevention, reunification and family-based alternative care.

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Alternative Care Initiatives is an NGO established to respond to the growing need in Uganda to support the government in building capacity to deliver the Alternative Care Framework and advising on the Alternative Care strategy. ACI formally provide support and coordination services to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD) Alternative Care Unit.

ACI supports civil society organizations in the planning, development and implementation of family preservation, resettlement and alternative care strategies.

An important part of ACI's work is encouraging government and donors to invest in family based solutions for children without parental care, in line with the continuum of care as outlined in the Alternative Care Framework – family preservation, resettlement, kinship care, foster care and adoption.

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Uganda Care Leavers

Uganda Care Leavers (UCL) is a social welfare project designed to support children, youths and adults who have spent all or part of their childhood in institutional care (also known as residential facilities, child care facilities and orphanages).

One of UCL's activities is the creation of a network of Uganda care leavers that enables members to provide support to each other through shared experiences and mutual understanding; resulting in a community with a common identity.

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Ethical volunteering

Volunteering to help alleviate poverty can be a great thing. It has a two-fold benefit, the recipients benefit and the volunteer is brought closer to the real issues faced by those in need.

However, it is incredible that tourists are encouraged to take part in the short-term care of young, vulnerable children through volunteer programmes at orphanages. It is unthinkable that this would be allowed in the home towns of the volunteers who are usually from the UK, USA, Australia or Europe.

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The large amount of money some people are prepared to pay to adopt a child from abroad creates a powerful market force that is being met by creating orphanages and recruiting children to fill them. Adopters often pay US$40,000 or more to adopt a child from abroad, which is a powerful incentive for those down the chain of supply to meet the demand, regardless of the need of the child.

The Priceless Campaign advocates for all adoptions, domestic and international to be free of any payments of any kind, which will remove much of the trafficking and corruption. Children are Priceless.

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